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Company Information

CWC: Cross World Connections Co.,Ltd

We are a Illustration Agency?working widely both inside and outside Japan. We have a lot of contracted illustrators and character designers. Our agency is actively working worldwide managing and producing artist activities.
We help artists increasing their potential to various kinds of activities. Not only commercial artworks, but we also encourage them to hold events like exhibitions or promotions. We help them managing and planning those events as well as work on group show, PR activities and support artist with their creative activities.
We help both artists and clients on services those created exclusively for them in order to get the most satisfactory from both sides.

At the same time, we also manage “Blythe” doll in many aspects like creative production, promotion and marketing. We have Blythe license granted official shops. We are official Blythe licensee in producing and selling as well. We also plan, design and sell Blythe related products with Blythe images like stationary and so on. We support Blythe modeling activity and promotion too.


Cross World Connections

CEO: Junko Wong

Address: 3-7-5 Ebisuminami, Shibuya-ku,

Tokyo 150-0022

Established in February 1991

Affiliated Company

Junie Moon CO.,LTD
Junie Moon Co.,Ltd is CWC Retail division. We are a company with international business culture to sell goods, plans created to match Japanese market. We have Blythe doll, doll clothes, Blythe related goods, artist goods from artists produced by CWC. We have official shops “Junie Moon” Tokyo Daikannyama, Osaka Horie, Tokyo Shinjuku Marui Annex and online shopping sites for both PC and mobile phone.

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Junie Moon Daikanyama

Junie Moon Osaka Horie

Junie Moon Shinjuku marui Annex

Online Shop

『Junie Moon』 Japan

『Junie Moon』 International


Cross World Connections holds the official Blythe license in Japan and Korea. We also manage Blythe licensing business in producing Blythe goods, campaigns, packages, and promotion with various clients.

Please contact us for details about Blythe licensing

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We can offer wholesale only to goods in Japan and Korean customers. Cross World Connections and Junie Moon is not wholesale the Blythe doll.Please be advised that we are unable to correspond to wholesale requests.
For details on wholesale, please request from the link below.

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Press Requests

We can lend Blythe dolls, media from events and goods for business purpose like shop decoration and magazine photographing.
For more information on media request, please make an inquiry from the link below.

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